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Bahamut Prime: Phase 1

Mega flare: Mega flare is a multi-part skill. Let’s see what happens step by step:
1) a random number of people in your party get tagged by Mega flare initial damage. This is AoE (Spread out, don’t hug your party members)
2) Those not hit by the initial AoE become “Friends“. Friends are marked by a ring around them.
3) 3 random people get a large circular ground effect under them. This explodes after some time – GTFO (don’t put many of these in the melee/stack zones)
4) ALL FRIENDS MUST UNITE (stack on top of each other), or else bad things happen. IE, Death.
As a general reminder: Succor > Split > No Hugs > Friends Unite > Medica II > Prepare for a Flame Breath

Flatten: Flatten is the early T13 tank buster. It deals HEAVY damage. Tank must mitigate this, to be safe. Healers must always shield this. To make matters worse, flatten is always followed by THREE FLAME BREATH in phase 1.

Flame Breath: Massive elemental damage cleave. Happens many, many times during the fight and is something you should get used to ASAP. Your healers shouldn’t “be surprised” by this as you progress with learning the fight.

So here’s what happens: Mega flare > Flame breath > Flatten > Flame breath x3.

Your MT must be healthy because the Flame breath before Flatten CAN be lethal if you slacked on regens and got some unlucky hits. Make sure you guys prepare for that first of all. After that first one, the long flatten channel time begins. Stoneskin and Adloquium should be cast on tank. Once flatten completes, precast cures and physics to prepare for the next 3 Flame Breaths. Apocatastasis from BLM is good here. Don’t just spam Cure II and Adlo here… save some mana by adjusting the cure needed depending on how heavy the damage is. Tanks should ALWAYS spend a mitigation skill here if available.

Earth shaker: Chooses two random people between all DPS and Off tank. After a short delay Bahamut will fire lasers that damage everyone in its path, towards each selected person. Upon each impact, a pool of sludge remains – this happens 3 times. Standing on sludge will WRECK you for 3k a second so it’s not a good idea. Maximize efficiency by having each guy line up the sludge in opposite corners. Healing? This does physical damage. Healing this can easily go sour if you time it incorrectly. Channeling your heal right after the marker disappears is generally a safe timing. The safest rotation would be WHM: Cure II, Cure I, Regen. SCH: Adlo, Physick, Physick. Each healer should choose which “side” they’re going to heal. The afflicted guys, of course, have to travel to opposite sides quickly.

At 75% Gigaflare signals the phase change. This does an extreme amount of damage. SCH Virus should be SAVED for this and make sure there is no antibody. Get everyone up to full, Cure 3 if needed. Succor and Soil – hope for the best. Casting Succor at 76% prevents a lot of BS. He may cancel his Flatten Combo just to phase – be wary of this combo. Make sure your Scholars Virus finger is fast.

A Note on Gigaflare: Gigaflare has a notoriously early check in our experience. A really late virus doesn’t actually reduce the damage. Same with succor shields… often times Giga goes off with our Galvanize intact. Counter this by pre-empting it more than you’re used to.

Bahamut Prime Phase 1 Rotation:
Mega flare, Flame breath, Flatten, Flame breath x3, Earth shaker, Flame breath (Repeat until 75%), Gigaflare -> Phase 2

All of these skills happen in different occasions in the fight. Get used to them ASAP because you’ll be seeing them for a loooooooong time. On to phase 2: Balls.

Bahamut Prime: Phase 2 Balls

Adds (Shadow of Meracydia): Hard hitting, each add should be virused (pref BLM or WHM). Two sources of Virus can tag all 3 dragons (You’ll be seeing 3 of these before phasing btw). These adds should be dragged all the way across from Bahamut, otherwise a tether forms between them and gives DEF+ and DMG+ to both of ‘em. Do not want. These guys spawn around 1 minute apart from each other. Rouse and Divine Seal line up perfectly with this so keep it in mind.

Before we go any further, you WANT to use up your limit break sometime during this phase. Melee LB on Bahamut is recommended. Use your judgment on this one. The idea is to wipe your LB bar sometime in the middle of P2. Melee LB1 or 2, either or – the reason is you need LB3 for Last Bastion later on, and don’t want to waste excess LB. Using Eye for an Eye on Bahamut when each add spawns is a good practice, too.

Flare Star: spawns 1-3 “balls” that have to be picked up by raid members. These balls are tethered to someone upon spawning, and will slowly travel towards them. After a short period of time the balls rush. Each ball gives a stack that increases damage dealt by Bahamut’s Rage. Taking 3 balls is pretty much death for a non-tank. 2 balls is still risky – and extra attention will be needed to survive Bahamut’s Rage. (More on this later)

Mega flare upgrade – Tower: Each Mega flare now comes with a tower. This tower spawns on a random raid member before friends explode. The tower must be absorbed by somebody, taking moderate damage. If you fail to do so, massive AoE damage and party-wide Bleeding debuff WILL CAUSE A WIPE. Note that you have to stay in the tower until you HEAR the explosion and SEE the visual effect. Just standing there as it disappears won’t cut it – better safe than sorry. It is unadvisable for friends to absorb towers – this can be fatal depending on composition and HP.

(TIP) Healers shielding themselves before mega can have massive value. If healer is a friend, and tower spawns under you – you might have to move out and cancel your own cast (which is integral at this point). If you’re shielded, you can safely survive Friends + Tower combo – and fire your heal off.

Bahamut’s Rage: This skills damage goes up for each Flare Star ball you ate. 1 is pretty standard, and you shouldn’t really worry about it. TWO is pretty heavy. BLM Apocatastasis is the best way to ensure someone with a 2-stack lives. Otherwise, full HP and shields would be good. Sacred Soil is some value here, since it happens right after megaflare. The main reason Rage is lethal is because your party will likely be damaged from the previous Mega flare. Stacking up for Cure III is the most value you’re going to get from MP (ratio wise)

At 52% Gigaflare signals the phase change. Mitigate it the same way as P1 Giga. Virus is essential, full HP, Succor/Shield. If it’s your first time past this phase – you will wipe to dive-bombs in about 10 seconds. There is a sucky way to phase which you should avoid. Having him phase with the combination of “Mega, Rage, Giga” is extremely painful. DPS harder to avoid this – Potions, Melee LB, etc…

Bahamut Prime Phase 2 Rotation (With Flame breath):
Add, Flare Star, Flame Breath, Flare Star, Flatten, Flame Breath, Flare Star, Mega flare, Flame Breath, Bahamut’s Rage (Repeat until 52%), Gigaflare -> Phase 3

Phase 3: Divebombs and Adds

Divebombs + Mega flare can potentially be a roadblock for many groups. A RED RETICLE appears first. This signals the direction from which Bahamut will dive. Shortly after, a GREEN RETICLE appears on another person. This signals where “Twintania” will dive from. To reduce randomness, the idea is have both dragons dive straight down the middle, forming some kind of X. The RED Divebomb will come first, shortly followed by the green.

Redlight/Greenlight Divebombs: There should be a Waypoint in the center to stack on. The party will be split into 2 groups: Tank+ Healer+DPSx2 dodging left and Tank+Healer+DPSx2 dodging right. Once the RED marker comes out STOP, and pan your camera around until you find Bahamut. He will be the dividing line for dodging. Shortly after the RED marker, the Green Marker will appear. When you see Green, GO by dodging the direction your group is assigned. As you are running, pan your camera around to find Twin and make sure she isn’t directly behind you. If she is, adjust your running path to get out of her Divebomb path. Right after Divebombs, Mega flare will hit, so make sure that, as you dodge in your assigned directions for Divebombs, that you are also spreading for Mega flare. 2 Friends will be marked and should gather back on the A waypoint to split the dmg. Here is the order for Divebombs:

Stack mid on the Waypoint > RED (STOP and Find Bahamut) > GREEN (GO - Begin moving to avoid red) > Adjust your path to avoid green > SPREAD OUT > Friends unite back at Mid on Waypoint

Abilities and spawn order:

Green (Blood of Meracydia): Has a frontal cleave, and a tail swipe. Deals massive damage. Do not bring near MOSQUITO or else will get an hp+ and damage+ buff.

RED (Pain of Meracydia): Switches between reducing physical damage taken and reducing magical damage taken. Low HP, kill fast.

MOSQUITO (Gust of Meracydia): No special abilities except it gets eaten by RED when close by. If this happens, likely a wipe.

BLUE (Sin of Meracydia): Does EVIL EYE after a while. Evil Eye’s damage scales with blues HP. Higher HP = Higher Damage and vice versa.

“Twintania” (Storm of Meracydia): Nicknamed Twintania because it does Death Sentence and hits really hard. Also drops Neurolink on death – used to survive Teraflare.

Let’s begin with a Summary:
1. Divebombs, Mega flare
2. Green+Red (1)(2)
3. 3x Mosquito (1)
4. 2x Blue (1)(2)
5. Divebombs, Mega flare
6. Twintania (2)
7. Green (1)
8. Mosquito (2)
9. Blue (1)
10. Red (1)
11. Divebomb SINGLE, Mega flare
12. Teraflare
The (1) and (2) signify our strategy on which tanks take what. In this case (1) is our Tank 1, (2) is Tank 2. Since we’ve discussed Divebombs, the adds abilities and what exactly to expect – let’s move on to the more specific things about the phase.

Overall strategy

The following list is an example of how to handle the phase.

1.) Divebomb:
Group 1 : Dodge left
Group 2 : Dodge right
Notes: +Mega flare. Heal to full, Succor shield.

2.) Green + Red Adds:
Tank (1) takes Green
Tank (2) takes Red
Notes: Kill green ASAP.

3.) Mosquitos:
Tank (1) takes Mosquitoes North
Tank (2) still on Red Add
Notes: Healers bait Mosquitoes to middle. Do not bring near red. DPS finish off Red Add.

4.) Blue Adds:
Tank (1) grabs North Blue add
Tank (2) grabs South Blue add and brings it north.
Notes: Pile them up for AoE. Everyone stack center for next Divebomb.

Group 1 : Dodge left
Group 2 : Dodge right
Notes: +Mega flare. Heal to full, Succor shield.

Tank (1) grabs nothing
Tank (2) grabs Twin
Notes: Careful with Death Sentence! DPS hard on Twin.

7.) Green + Mosquitoes:
Tank (1) grabs Green
Tank (2) grabs Mosquitoes
Notes: DPS Kill green ASAP, then Switch back to Twin.

8.) Blue Add:
Tank (1) grabs Blue
Tank (2) still tanking Twin and Mosquitoes
Notes: PILE ALL UP for AoE. Blue add needs to Die fast!

9.) Red Add:
Tank (1) grabs Red
Tank (2) still tanking Twin and Mosquitoes.
Notes: DPS finish off Twin. Red and Mosquitoes will still be up for Divebomb, so make sure to tank red in the center for Divebomb stack, and the Mosquito tank needs to stay away.

10.)DIVEBOMB (single):
Group 1 : Dodge left
Group 2 : Dodge right
Notes: +Mega flare. Heal to full, Succor shield. Twin is dead so only one Divebomb, so once you find Bahamut, you can move. Also remember that the Red tank will still be taking significant dmg during this Divebomb. After the Divebomb, kill the Red and finished off the mosquitoes if they aren't already dead for AoEs, and stack in Neurolink.

11.) Teraflare:
Notes: Use tank LB3. Stay in Neurolink.

Teraflare signals the end of this phase, and transition to final phase. This is a timed phase so you don’t (CANNOT) rush this. Take your time in this phase to save as many offensive cool downs as you can – the DPS race ends in the final phase.

Phase 4: Final Phase

Akh Morn: The ultimate tank buster of FFXIV’s 2.0 expansion, Akh Morn does tons of damage. It looks wonderful, too. Akh Morn begins by linking the current main tank and whoever is nearest to him/her. This tether causes any buffs to be shared (defensive ones come to mind). Akh Morn damage is shared by tethered guys. But, MT cannot be tethered to more than 1 person, so MT-OT tether is the way. Akh Morn has a first hit which does extreme damage, and many successive smaller hits. The first Akh Morn does 2, the second does 3, the third does 4 and so on.

There are many ways to deal with Akh Morn. Since you’ll be dealing with roughly 5 Akh Morns, you have to be prepared. Here’s the different ways we do it:
Shared: Basic method, share the damage and heal through. Have both tanks use defensive CD’s.
Share+Holm (+cover): Share the first hit, Holmgang the little ones, and PLD cover once it’s done.
HG: Hallowed Ground can block an entire Akh Morn Sequence.

So keeping these in mind here’s how we mitigate in terms of #of Akh Morn:
1) Shared 2) Share+Holm 3) Shared 4) HG 5) Share+Holm

Twister/Tether: Similar to T8’s Homing Missile. TWO tethers spawn FROM Bahamut to TWO random non-tanks. Each tank must pick one up. People afflicted by tether MUST NOT BE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER.
Mega flare Upgrade (2nd Tower): Mega flare gets another upgrade – this time TWO towers spawn. Just a reminder, you must stay in a tower UNTIL you hear the explosion sound effect and see the visual. The check happens quite some time after it vanishes… if you leave too early, it’s a wipe. (Massive AoE damage and 8 bleeding debuffs) Just a reminder, shields on healer before mega can prevent some very niche cases of wiping.
Earth shaker Upgrade: Remember the pools that spawn? They last until the NEXT Earth shaker, so you have to be careful in placing them.
Gigaflare: The Gigaflares happen DURING this phase are EXTRAORDINARILY PAINFUL. You must SAVE SCH/SMN Virus for this, and be completely aware of it. If this slips through without mitigation – you WILL DIE. Remember the early checks? Well, it will punish you this time around.
After 14 minutes have passed, he will finish his current move and begin channeling the final Gigaflare. This has a 15 second cast time, and is the hard enrage timer. This Gigaflare will instakill your entire party. This is your last chance to kill him – first kills during Gigaflare cast isn’t uncommon back then!

Megaflare+Twister damage+Flame Breath can be LETHAL to your main tank. Always keep your MT healthy especially after megaflares! Apocatastasis from BLM helps here.

Bahamut Prime Final Phase Rotation WITH Flame breath:
Akh Morn, Mega+T, Flame breath Earth+T, Akh Morn, Mega+T, Earth+T, Gigaflare (Repeat until dead or enrage)(missing some FB’s)

THIS PHASE IS PRETTY MUCH PHASE 1 ALL OVER AGAIN – keep this in mind… and DO NOT PANIC. Expect a few wipes in this phase before you kill it. The tether mechanic can be tricky, and Akh Morn handling must be understood by BOTH your tanks… if they’re not in sync on what to do this phase will go very badly. While your tanks might have gotten it easy up to this point, they got to man up here.

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